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ICT Teacher
Should be prepared to work very hard in pursuance of academic and moral excellence which the school is noted for. Duties shall include:
-Organize, maintain and manage systems (hardware and software) in proper working condition.
-Teach students and learners to use computers.
-Design and develop appropriate computer instructional material.
-Manage and monitor student behavior.
-Initiate and implement systems, procedures and other student management issues.
-Develop and implement lesson plans and classroom activities in consistent with the student management issues.
-Conduct group training sessions.
-Troubleshoot technology services for staff and manage school website
-Coordinate and collaborate with lead teacher, principal and instructional coaches.
-Integrate special lesson plans with core academic curriculum.
-Planning lessons and activities that facilitate students’ acquisition of basic and advanced computer skills.
-Instructing in a manner that develops students’ confidence in their abilities.
-Ensuring that the computer laboratory remains free from food and drink at all times.
-Downloading important software updates and maintaining hardware.
-Maintain and keep appropriate records, materials, equipment and facilities of the school (Computer lab records etc.).
Skills and Requirements
-Classroom and behavior management
-Time management
-Communication, listening and presentation
-Compassion and patience
-Being observant and thorough
-Being responsible and approachable
-Being motivated

B.Edu. /B.Sc. Computer Science or Computer Engineering
4-5 years experience
Must be proficient in hardware and software maintenance and installations