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Assist in planning, supervising, and implementing the program for the Mind Room in accordance with the policies and philosophy of the Center.
Infuse technology with project-based learning activities to build knowledge and enhance creative expression.
Research and introduce new, innovative and creative teaching methods and learning activities.
Research and understand each child’s development stage and learning ability to help you in planning of individualized lesson plan.
Treat children with dignity and respect and meet the needs of individual child with awareness of their interests, special talents and needs, cultural background, and individual learning styles.
ALL the children must be involved in group activity – Leave NO child excluded.
Provide frequent daily adult interaction with the children by speaking and listening to each child. Involving each child in conversation to enhance language and build vocabulary.
PLAY! Play with each child uninhibitedly – get down to their level, make eye contact, sit or roll on the floor as may be necessary during play.
Model learning independently by showing each child how to properly use resources/ equipment and leave them to it to get creative (children do amazing, watch in awe!).
Meet each child at their learning level – Support struggling learners, Stretch and challenge confident learners to achieve their full potential.
Variety is the spice of life and learning – enrich children’s learning experiences by using different learning resources and materials (e.g. play dough, puzzles, water, sand, paint, interactive board, videos etc.).
For every theme, plan a project based or real-life application that would possibly involve parents and encourage bonding at home.
Lead large and small group activities daily.
Use positive and encouraging language ONLY towards and around the children.
Punctuality is non-negotiable.
Maintain personal hygiene of the highest standards.




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