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ADMIN ASSISTANT – Reporting to the Admin Manager

What You Will Do

  1. School Administrative Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

    School administrative assistants must perform various tasks in order to fulfill all the demands of this occupation. We have examined several job listings and found the following to be among those responsibilities most commonly indicated for school administrative assistants:

    Respond to All Written Correspondence

    School administrative assistants typically handle all phone calls coming into a school. They converse with school officials, parents, and teachers, handle complaints, and address issues pertaining to students and school policies. They also answer emails from administrators, parents, and vendors.

    Support Teachers and School Administrators

    From generating letters to making copies, school administrative assistants provide daily support to school personnel. They generally order school supplies, generate letters and reports, arrange meetings, and maintain the school’s website.

    Maintain Students Files

    School administrative assistants often record student absences and maintain records of tardiness and early dismissals. They generate reports regarding school attendance policies and individual student attendance records.

    Greet and Assist School Visitors

    Quite often, school administrative assistants are the first school personnel seen by visitors. They typically provide assistance by answering questions, contacting requested personnel, and explaining school procedures regarding signing out students or making deliveries.

    Manage Inventory

What we can offer you

N300,000:00 – N360,000:00 / YEAR